Flight Itinerary Page Design


So, I am using a base to manage travel information for a group of people. I currently have 3 tables - one for Passengers, one for Flight Reservations and one for Flights.

What I would like to do is create an Itinerary in the page designer that shows a single passenger with their corresponding flights, as well as the information for those flights.

I have been able to create a page with the passenger name, and their flight reservation and flights, but I am stuck not being able to get the flight information on the page.

For context: The Passengers table has their personal information, contact info, etc… and is linked to flight reservations through the passenger primary field (their name). The Flights table is then linked to the flight reservations table through the Flight Reservations primary field - on the Flights table, I am able to lookup the passengers on each flight.

I am wondering if there is maybe an intermediate table that I need to create to do this?