Flip between Grid and Gallery View more easilt


Hello, I would like to request that it be easier to flip from a Grid to Gallery View and vice versa. Sometimes it is just easier to work in one or the other and at the moment one needs to set up both views in order to do that, therefore adding unnecessary views to the view drop down menu.


I don’t know if it can help but you can “copy another view’s configuration”… Maybe it will save you some time ? :woman_shrugging:


Although this is definitely useful it just clutters the drop down for ‘views’. To give an example I have a main table which has been separated into 26 dropbown gallery views based on a specific search. If I work in the gallery but suddenly need to add data it’s often easier in a grid view. My legacy database (Bento) - don’t laugh … had this easy capability to flip views on one screen. Actually it had the versatility to see a split screen grid and gallery view so in many ways much better than what Airtable has.


No worries :wink: , I wasn’t saying you’re wrong, I was just trying to help :wink: .

I don’t use the “Gallery View” very often as I don’t really have datas that would benefit from this type of view :wink:

And because, as you were saying, it’s often easier to add/modify datas in a grid view :wink:
(Plus the fact that the gallery view is not yet accessible on iOS, I rarely bother to look there)


Understood and thanks so much for your input. My business is art so unfortunately the visual is quite important :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of this, maybe would be great that the Type of View was a Control like in Filters, Sorts, etc., and not a permanent choose. I think it makes sense.


Gallery views are super helpful when adding to attachment fields on existing or new records (in desktop clients, where drag ‘n’ drop works (a little easier than iOS?)).
In many tables, I create and keep one unfiltered Gallery view for adding (single or multiple) visuals to new and existing records.
26 sounds like a lot of views, particularly of one type. Would the Personal views feature (in Pro plans) help? Or, as @Elias_Gomez_Sainz mentioned, could a different approach to filtering work?


Hi. I just saw this suggestion on another thread so I thought it might work for you to try and toggle between views.
When you want to quickly see a different view, just press:
Start typing the view name “Gall…” after just a couple letters you can hit enter and it will take you to that view.

I also suggest naming the Gallery view with a unique character like an underscore or dash and it should pop right up for you. i.e. _Gallery View1

Good luck!


Cmd/Ctrl+shift+K is clunky.

I attach three couple screenshots from my old Bento database to show how much better Airtable could be on the User Interface. As you can see

  1. There are multiple ways of viewing the data using split screens
  2. There are toggle buttons [underneath the ‘Files’ top left] to go into one or other or both of these modes which are the equivalent of tables and gallery in Airtable
  3. Most importantly - and perhaps the subject of a future change by Airtable I hope - I can see the data on one page (computer screens are landscape format] without having to scroll up and down the silly skinny popup box! Maybe this can be fixed or at least an option?

I don’t even want to get involved in the problems with scrolling - the UI is awful - which is a tremendous hassle - on my Mac at least!