Flip through attachments

I’m still looking for a way to flip through attachments. If I have one image or other file like a pdf attached to a record it is currently clunky to move through the attachments. For sure it is relatively easy to move from record to record and opening up the view assuming one recalls the correct key combo, but opening and viewing attachments is a pain as it takes too many clicks to open close and move to next record. Is there a workaround?

Oh I do know they obvious workaround which is to dump all the files into one record and open the attachment field, but this does not allow sorting.

  1. You could change the row height to “extra tall”, so you could see the image attachments as large as possible without needing to click into the field itself. This still wouldn’t give you full-sized images, but the images would at least be large enough for you to simply scroll through your records and see them fairly well. (You could even create a new grid view that is set to extra tall, while your other views are set to other heights.)

  2. Very similarly: You could also restructure your entire database in such a way where you put all of your attachments into their own table called “attachments”. Each record in this new “attachments” table would only have ONE image per record. Then, you would increase the row height to “extra tall”. Same visual result as my #1 suggestion above, but you would only have one attachment per record as you’re scrolling through your records in the “attachments” table. Back in your main table, you would link to this attachments table so you could link to multiple images per record.

Here’s how you change row height:

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Thanks for the fast input but neither is really a solution because even the ‘extra tall’ grid view does not allow any readable examination of the attachment so its’ pretty useless for these purposes. So, this is probably going to need a change by the Airtable programmers.

edit: this may be a reasonable idea with images, but I have PDFs of letters and the text needs to be readable.

I would add your suggestion to the Product Suggestions category.

I agree that it would be useful to flip through full-sized PDFs from record-to-record, without having to close out of each PDF before re-opening the next one.

I have created many databases like that for my clients in FileMaker Pro, but that isn’t yet possible in Airtable. Hopefully someday we’ll be able to do that in Airtable! :slight_smile:

… and indeed it was easy in Bento the sadly demised mini FileMaker product …