Floral Designer and Event Planning base templates - Need a quick and competent base builder!


I love the idea of Airtable, but I’m confused. Can someone help me set up my custom tables for my floral design and event planning business?
I’ve tried a few tables that I can share with you. I know what I want, but just too slow working out how to set it all up.
Please email me hello@dragonflyfloraldesign.com.au if youre able to help and let me know your fees!


Hi Debbie,

I am an experienced developer and this sounds like something that I could help you out on.
I sent you an email

Best Wishes,


Hi Debbi,

I just sent you an email regarding your needs. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,
Nathalie Collins
VAce Professional Services


Hi Debbi,

I have read your offer, and I would be very interested to help you.

I work in audiovisual production and I use Airtable for shooting or editing but also for general organization.

I very well know Airtable’s features so I will be able to help thinking about how these features can feet specific needs.

Recently, I have helped as a consultant to set up an entire Airtable base for the production of an animated feature film.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have specific questions. I guarantee you an affordable price and a very efficient work !


Théo Zachmann.


skype: theo.zachmann


Hi Debbi,

I can create a perfect database for what you are needing. I can get started right away and have it done in a few days. Would you be able to schedule a call with me to discuss details and pricing?

Phone: 480.818.5247
Email: eckline@gmail.com