"flow-layout" table or view?

hi, we have a department that’s been using Excel for 10+ years to manage a daily list of items, and it seems a great fit to port to airtable.

There’s a rub: the list has 5 columns, and approx 120 rows, they like having a bird’s eye view of the entire list on 1 page, so in Excel they chop the list in 2 approx halfway down, and show it as 2 side-by-side matrices, each w/ 5 colums and ~ 60 rows. Is there a built-in feature for that in airtable? I assume “not really”, since all table/view layouts I’ve seen feature a single xy grid, rather than side-by-side xy grids.

Thinking aloud here I suppose we could create a view of 10 columns, have the first 5 columns show the first half of the list, have the second 5 columns show the second half of the list, but, ugh!

I’ve looked into the airtable api, and it should be straightforward enough to create a custom webpage/dashboard formatted any way we want … but I’d rather not go that route, either

pls advise? thx!