For subtasks, unlink fields but preserve record of link

We use linked records to create sub-tasks (the tasks are in one table, sub-tasks are in another table where the entries link to a task)

However, when you look at all the subtasks for a given task, you cannot filter out “completed” subtasks. As a result, it crowds the view. One solution is to unlink the subtask once it’s completed, but then you can never go back and figure out what task that subtask belonged to

Is there any field we can create in the Subtask table that will capture the Task it is linked to, and then preserve that information even when it’s unlinked? Thank you!

See this solution:

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That is brilliant! Thanks Kamille, let me try it!

You should be able to filter out completed subtasks by filtering the view in the subtasks table.

If you are using a lookup or rollup to see the sub tasks, you can use a conditional lookup/rollup to filter out completed subtasks.

I believe he means within the Link field so that he can click on the task to expand the record, as Link fields will show all records linked and don’t have the conditional visibility options of Lookup/Rollup/Count fields.


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