Force users to select an existing record, using "Single Line Text" as primary field


I track a portfolio of 500+ university ventures and periodically ask them to update information about themselves (e.g. description, talent needs, etc.) via a form. The primary field for each record is the venture’s name, a short text field.

My hope is to force ventures to select their venture’s name from a dropdown of existing ventures. Is it possible to do that with a short text field? Is there another way?


Keep their name or some other unique ID as the Primary Field, but duplicate it.
Change the settings on the duplicated form to Single Select so that it turns all current entries into single select entries.
Then hide the primary field from the Form and make the Single Select field a required field.
This only works in Forms with known users already populated into the table, as AirTable doesn’t have the functionality to check “isUnique”, and outside users cannot create a new Single Select option when entering data in form view.
This is a good option for sending out emails asking them to update details when they’re already on the system though.

I have a similar question! We have two forms, one pre-event and one post-event. The first form creates a record for the event. The second form is meant to update details about the event like attendance numbers. Is there a way they can select the name of the event previously entered in order to add data in other fields of the record?