Form Date Field Broken?

Anyone else noticing that the “date” field in forms isn’t working? Did I accidentally click something I shouldn’t have? This is happening across multiple bases, in multiple form views. I am able to add a date to the field in the actual record in Airtable, and am able to add a date as a test in the form view in Airtable … but when I go to the live form, the date field doesn’t function. I select a date, and it doesn’t populate.

I have the same problem here with my form. No one can submit the form when this field is required.

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We’re having the same problem also. We can’t submit any forms right now because of this issue.

i have just posted what appears to be the same problem under the heading “date field random saving”.

We are having the same problem here as well - you can type the date in and it just goes back to YYY/MM/DD type thing when you press enter. Selecting from the calendar doesn’t work either.

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This has appeared for our users as well. Was just reported about 15 minutes ago.

As an aside, does anyone know if there’s a dashboard for Airtable metrics and any current outages or issues? If not, it would be great to have one as a first place to check when something goes wonky.

Yes same for me. Cannot input any dates

Same issue here, I spent so much time trying to figure out what I did wrong and then decided to come to the forum to see if anyone else is experiencing it.

We’re having the same issue. I discovered that the date populates on the backend if you select it in the calendar on the form, even though it still shows blank in this field on the form. If the field isn’t required but a user enters a date, you can still submit the form and it shows up in the table. Not ideal, but a temporary workaround.

Seeing same issue in MacOS Chrome, Firefox, and Safari with a vanilla test base.

They do have a Twitter account for this.

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