Form datestamp / pre-fill form with today's fate?


I have made a form for colleagues to fill in.

Amongst many fields people will manually fill in, I need the form to add the current date to my table.

Are there any tactics for doing this?, please?
In this case, this field could be hidden from the form, as the value will always be the day on which the form is sent.

Alternatively, we could pre-fill the form field with today’s date, but a) I know AirTable doesn’t support pre-filling/default form fields and b) though I know you can pass values through a URL string parameter, I’ve no idea when you can pass a generic TODAY-type value, as opposed to a specific value.



I use this to auto enter a date time …



@Stephen_Hauck Yes, using CREATED_TIME() now - not with all the other stuff, but works okay.