Form: Email input validation

Email fields in forms don’t seem to be validated very strongly. My form keeps accepting entries like “name.” (notice the space).

How do I prevent the form from accepting badly formatted emails like this?


That might be a byproduct of the fact that you can add multiple email addresses to an email field, as long as they are separated by a comma (or a comma and a space).

I think that if you want to catch badly-formatted email addresses, you would need to create a formula field and setup the formula to return some word (or even an emoji such as :x: ) to let the user know that the email address was badly-formatted.

You could also create a JavaScript which you could manually run to check all of your email fields, but that would require manually running the script every time you want to check.

Oh, sorry, you’re referring to a form.

Using Airtable’s built-in forms, I don’t think you can stop them from submitting a form with a badly-formatted email address (for the same reason as above), so may want to switch to an external form building tool that supports that.

However, if you stick with Airtable forms, there is a tool that can help you out.

AFTER they submit the form, you could use this tool to display a preview to them of what they just submitted, and it could display the :x: (or some other warning) if they submitted an invalid email address, and then they have the option to go back and modify the form:

If they don’t go back and edit the form to fix their mistake, then you would be able to see the :x: in your own Airtable system… you could even create a special view that filters only the records that have the :x:.

They’re currently not validated at all. If validation is important, I second the suggestion from @ScottWorld to consider using a third-party form tool like TypeForm or JotForm. There are probably more, but those two come to mind right away, and both support email validation. JotForm also has a built-in option to connect to Airtable for form submission, and this is available in the free JotForm account. TypeForm has a similar feature, but it requires their lowest paid tier.


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