Form Emails are being sent to the wrong team member

My team is using a base to hold client info for meeting attendees. We are all collaborators on this base. We each have our own sheets for our own projects (meetings) in the base (the first sheet is the database). We have a form in the database that we all send to potential attendees to fill out as a “registration form.” We have been using it for a couple of weeks and all has been going well, but just a few days ago, the form submission email (that we check at the bottom of the form) now goes to random team members and not the team member who sent the form. We have done several tests and have verified that we are logged in as ourselves and that the email at the bottom of the form is correct. As an example…my team member Katie sent the form to potential meeting attendees and she checked the box at the bottom of the form to receive an email when someone submits a form. Mr. Smith submitted the form and my team member Nicole got the notification, not Katie. I sent the form to potential attendees and noted the set up was correct. Mr. Johnson filled out the form but I did not get an email, my colleague Susan did. Does anyone know why this may be happening? Thanks in advance for your help.

Welcome to the community, @Angie_Turner! :smiley: That definitely sounds off. If it used to work as expected and then the behavior changed, I would definitely contact Airtable support.

Thanks Justin! I have contacted support, but thought I also see if the community had experienced anything like this. Yes, it was working perfectly for a couple of weeks, then started doing this. Very strange! Thanks for your response, I appreciate it.


So, you’re saying that when all of you log into Airtable with your own accounts, and all of you look at the form while being logged in as yourself, all of you have turned on email notifications for that form?

But when the form is submitted, only some of you are receiving the email notification that the form was actually submitted?

Yeah, if the email didn’t arrive, that would be something to discuss with Airtable Support.


To catch other people up-to-speed (who are reading this in the future) about how to setup form email notifications in Airtable, it’s very unintuitive:

Each collaborator has to make an independent decision for themselves of deciding whether or not they want to receive email notifications for that particular form. While they are logged into Airtable as themselves, they have to go to the form, and then turn email notifications on or off for themselves at the bottom of that particular form.

The form remembers ALL the people who have turned on email notifications for the form, so ALL of those people will receive email notifications upon form submission.

But unfortunately, Airtable gives us absolutely no way to see a list of everyone who has actually turned on or turned off email notifications for that particular form, which was a really odd decision by the Airtable team. (It’s probably because Airtable doesn’t support global values.)

So nobody on your team will ever have any idea as to who will be receiving email notifications when a form is submitted. You have to log in as each collaborator, go to that form, and see if email notifications have been turned on for that person.

This is from the Airtable Support site:

Note that the email address to which the notifications will be sent is determined by which user is looking at the form—more than one user can go into the form and check the appropriate box in order to get notifications sent to the email address associated with their Airtable account.

In other words, each time the form is submitted, it will go to everyone who personally turned on email notifications for themselves for that form.


Also, if you can’t get this to work properly — or if you’d simply like to gain more control over the list of people who receive the form submission emails — you can simply setup a zap with Zapier or a scenario with Integromat to automatically send out emails to whomever you want when the form is submitted.

The submission of the form always creates a new record, so just use the “new record” trigger in Zapier or Integromat.

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Hi @ScottWorld, thanks for your reply. I see what you are saying. So I’m understanding that everyone who has turned on email notifications should receive these emails when a new form is submitted, right? I have verified that everyone on the team has this selected, but it isn’t working for everyone. Only some team members get these emails and it seems very random as to who will get them. So unfortunately, I don’t think this is solved just yet…I do believe I will need to speak with support, but this definitely gives me a better understanding of what should be happening.

Yes, this sounds like a bug in Airtable that you will want to discuss with support. In the meantime, I would recommend going down the Integromat or Zapier route. You have much more control that way, anyways, because you’ll be able to see the list of all the email addresses that get notified.

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