Form embeds, attachments field issues with autosize


This relates to embedding a form using the autosize height checkbox.

If I select add attachment, the dialog will load in the top of the form which users do not see as it way above the viewport. So this autosize setting can’t be used where attachments are involved,

I have had to use a set height scrolling form which is terrible for UX.

Anyone have tips on customisation of embeds that work well on mobile with attachment dialogs.


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I think I’m having this same issue… except I want users to be able to add an attachment via the embedded form on mobile devices as well… and although the user can navigate around it in a not so user friendly way, it never shows the “upload” button so the attachment never gets uploaded(again on mobile devices)

Hi John,

After losing some hours to this, I decided to link to the form view directly. My take on it as a web designer is that as an embed, the form is not aware of my website css and the attachment element is yet another moving bit. It might work as an embed only lightbox, but I am going with a direct link to the view for now.

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That’s a decent temporary solution. Unfortunately I’m not using the paid version with branding so it kind of ruins the cohesiveness… but it will work for now. I hope someone at Airtable does see and fix this though.

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We have the same problem, especially on mobile devices.
I would consider this as a bug of design that may block any business process containing at least one “upload” mandatory step.
A possible way to fix this (Airtable side) could be an automatic vertical centering of what is displayed between a click event on the button “attach file” and a click event on the button “Upload”.


Actually for longer forms this issue applies to desktop and mobile browsers. The attachment dialog opens up in the middle of the form no matter whether that is in view or not so users of any browser will get a blank screen and obviously abandon the form.

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Any solution to this? We have the same issue here and because of tracking conversions we need the form to be embedded on the website.

This just noticed on my end too and disapointed no resolution. I know this will cause confusion for users of the form I created so now what? I have to create my own form I guess. Wonderful.

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This is still an issue as far as I can tell!! Bad UX for these embedded forms. Such a shame this still hasn’t been dealt with…I rely on these forms quite a lot and still have to explain to some users how to fill the form!