Form field question

In my grid view, when adding from a drop down list, the entire record is displayed.

I want to achieve the same thing in a form, but I can only get the primary field to display, where I need 2 others as well.

To clarify, my form calls for the selection of a record from a linked base. I need to display name, family,and source to enable the selection process.


When choosing the option Link to table, it will only display the Primary field. If you want to display multiple data, I would suggest the following:

  1. Move the current Primary Field to the second field. (do this by choosing duplicate field)

  2. Change the Primary Field to be a Formula, the formula can be something like Name&","&FamilyName&","&Source (depending on how you want it to be displayed).

Does that help?


Many thanks for your reply. That explains my confusion. Now I must see how that works with the rest of the system.

Richard Olin

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