Form Password Viewing

Hello everybody! I was wondering how do I see what a form password is set to. Is there a way to view that?

Hi @Nathan_Ramey
This article explains how to set and reset a password protected form. It’s possible there is no way to see a password, only reset it.

Okay thanks! That is what I though but I wasn’t sure, that seems like a feature they should add.

In general password systems allow for resetting a password but not viewing the current password. Too many people reuse passwords, so being able to see the current password can be a security risk. In some cases the original password is encoded in ways that make it impossible to decode the original password.

Occasionally there are situations where a password has been sent out or hard coded in an internal system and it would be useful to know the existing one. However, I doubt that Airtable will ever build a system that tells you what a current password is.

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