Form : Prefill linked record field


When could we prefill linked record field in a form view?

It could be really helpful to be able to prefill also linked record field with RECORD_ID() value for instance.


This is a potential dealbreaker for me. I have a list of applicants, and I need a form for each one, where a team of people to vote on the applicant. I need to be able to pre-select the candidate when I send the form to the team to vote on.


There are ways around this issue - but you need to use Zapier or Integromat to help…

Send out the form with a pre-filled name or email address (the latter would be better as it should be unique) then use a Zap triggered by the new record the form creates to find the main record for the person and link the record up. I’ve done similar things loads of times in projects for clients.

It would, of course, be better if we didn’t have this restriction!!

Hope this helps.