Form Submission Triggers Automation

I have an Airtable Form setup which collects client info when the client is interested in scheduling an appointment. The form creates a new record in my database. I’m trying to automate sending an email to the client when the form is submitted. I would like to avoid using the “Record created” trigger since I will occasionally be manually adding records that I do not want to trigger the email.

Hmm… that’s a little bit tricky.

I would probably add a special field onto your form that is a REQUIRED field, and I would make sure that the form is the ONLY place where that particular field gets data entered into it.

In other words, the presence of data in that field means that the record was created via the form.

Then, I would create an automation with the trigger “Record Matches Conditions” and check for the presence of a value in that field.

If the record matches, then you can have your automation do 2 things:

  1. Send out the email.
  2. Move the data from that “special field” into the “real field” where it should permanently live.

Very clever. That worked great.
Thank you!

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