Form that links to a record of dates- how to have dates expire

Hello, I have set up a form that has a dropdown menu of dates. I’ve linked them to a table of dates.

Things I need help figuring out:
1) I need the dates to only be available in the dropdown menu if they are at least 24 hours from the current date.
2) I need the table of dates to auto-populate for every Mon, Wed, and Fri and to each have a label depending on the day.
3) I would like to include a time with the date table as well, they are all at 4pm EST but I have had trouble with timezones before.

Hi @Lila

  1. In your table of dates, create a view called tomorrow. Apply a filter to only show records where date is tomorrow. In another table add a filed that is link to another record > Dates table, Limit Selection Record view to Tomorrow. Add this field to your form and only those dates will be selectable.
  2. An automation can create update a record on a schedule
  3. Here is some documentation on working with Time Zones:
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