Form to edit data

Zapier has a similar function to the above, editing with a duplicate table


I’m also looking forward for such a feature!

In our case I’m looking for a simple way to manage our lab inventory as we have many students that borrow and return equipment, by themselves, so I’m trying to find a simple way for them to select the item they are borrowing from a drop-down list for example or start typing the item name with an autocomplete, then type their name and submit the form, thus updating the database, there is no need for them to see the entire table.


Agreed. We are also using Airtable as our Makerspace management solution and it would be extremely beneficial to have a read-only type form where students could edit their own reservations within a calendar view or through a form. Currently we use a clunky scenario in Integromat to do this, but it just makes so much more sense to have a read-only (non-paid) type account for people who only need to edit their own records. You’d probably have to create a “Record Created By” field though. Then rather than users being records in the base, they could be read-only collaborators in the base and have their own “profile” of machine reservations.

I have been working on building functionality to allow forms to edit data on Airtable — to make this work I’ve made a portal product called Airportal ( so you can design forms that work with your existing data.

We are collecting people for the beta launch of this product in the next few weeks. Sign up at the link above if you’d like to be part of it.

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@Sam_Davyson, this looks awesome - I’ve already recommended it in some threads.

Question - I’m guessing that to create a platform like this you had to isolate the app from the Airtable API in a way to avoid rate limits. I don’t want to know how you did it - just to confirm that you did before I widely recommend it. :wink:

Also curious why you didn’t give it a cooler name like …

  • Airship
  • Airdrop
  • Airlift

Thank you so much @Bill.French!

I think Airportal is a pretty cool name! It is like Airport-al :grinning:

Re: the platform limits, yes we are implementing a caching layer to avoid any issues with the rate limits for popular portals.

Yeah, it’s not bad, but the marketing guy in me always leans toward two syllables whenever possible.

It would be very useful to add an Airtable form to Edit existing records where the editable fields could be restricted much like the hide/unhide fields in the form that allows adding records.

Is Airtable placing this in a future release?


I agree with the posts here as well. This is an essential feature to make use of Airtable.

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I am in the process of setting up a Project Management system via Airtable and, I have to say, I spend more time here, scrolling through pages and pages of what seem to be obvious need feature requests, that it worries me. The idea was that this would be a quicker set-up than building in MySQL from scratch, at least, that is exactly how Airtable are marketing their product. The issue I have is that, in general, it seems that there is little to no interest in the community or its needs.

Was this issue ever solved? It certainly does not appear so, along with so many others.

I guess that my questions are these:

  1. Did this ever get implemented?
  2. Do feature requests generally get implemented?

If the answer to either of these is no, then this is a deal-breaker for me and, sadly, I will abandon this project and go back to MySQL. Not necessarily for this one feature, but for the general lack of forward motion that I see everywhere in these forums.


No, that’s not a solution to my use case:

We invest in start ups. When we first discover a company we input roughly 30 fields of data. If we there is an opportunity to invest we will input another 100 fields. If we decide to invest there are another 50 fields.

I need to be able to send out 3 forms for different life stages of the record.

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LOL. I just read my post from six months ago and realized Airportal has been renamed to a two-syllable word. Called it!

We made a tool that allows you to edit records using Airtable Forms. We solved most pain points in some existing solutions:

  1. Form fields are pre-populated with the existing data.
  2. Records are updated instantly after form submission.
  3. Form requires minimal setup (no need to match multiple tables/fields/select options)
  4. Supports limiting linked record selection to a view.
    ^This last one can only be made possible by using Airtable’s native form.

Here’s a video for more details:
Edit Existing Records with Airtable Forms

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I’ve been helping a user that would benefit from a multi-row editable form as well. The user would like to share a selection of his data for review from judges, but those judges shouldn’t see each others’ responses. In other words, a judge would be editing multiple rows of data, but shouldn’t see all available data.

Many thanks for sharing my requirement Zollie - yes, there are significant overlaps. As a comment, I’d add that there’s a significant difference between using a form process (where you need to identify the record to be updated) and a view process (where you browse records and update one or more fields). The advantage of views IMO is that (a) Airtable already supports them, including the ability to hide certain fields and (in beta) lock the edit permission for others (so you can display them in an expanded record but not update them) and (b) they permit browsing and very rapid data updating. For example, if I could edit records from a Kanban view, a judge (to use my use case) could scroll through records, rapidly assigning a data value from a selection by dragging each record to the appropriate column.

[obvious edit] - to do this, you’d need to (a) be able edit from a view and [b] be able to share that view without granting access to any other views or tables.

Hey guys, check up my page
or Youtube video

On this page I have described how you can easily overcome the missing feature with Update Forms.
Second I have also described how to create a Custom Portal for Airtable so that even non Airtable users are able to see a Base, View and even Update, Delete and Create records.

Worked on this solution for at least couple of weeks. Really curious about your feedback :slight_smile:

I’m trying to help setting up an animal rescue database. Where we keep track of vet records, dates, health, foster, etc. We want our foster’s to be able to easily go to a form, select their animal, and make edits to the data presented. Dates, health status, etc. without having to look at a complex spreadsheet with all the other records for other fosters. Sure, we could create views - but that also then gets messy.

Having a form where you can select an active record, then edit that record in a form view would be LIFE changing for the rescue.


For anyone still looking for a solution to this problem, I would love to learn more about what you need. I’m a software developer and am planning on building a solution for this. Please feel free to reply here or DM me on Twitter at @CurtisFonger.

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Would appreciate to hear more about your solution. Its crazy Airtable does not feature this

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