Form to edit data

I recently discovered I would love to learn if that solves your use case.

Hi Curtis,

Thanks! My needs are very simple: I have a records of tasks in a specific table. One of the fields of each record is “task complete” checkbox. I want the option of a simple form that any person can update if he completed the task.

Stacker requires that one of the fields would be an email address ( which I dont have nor need).
If you hae any other ideas would be happy to hear.

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Does this solve your use case?

Not for me. Typically we have only a small handful of people who are managing airtable, while I have over 100 people who will be submitting information via a form. Then we want to have peer review sessions and have the authors who submitted the form to go back and revise their submissions.

So in this way if airtable had a way to give people edit permissions to a submission in a base, by creating account or even anonymous write access (like an open google doc) that would make this possible. I’m not too worried about people messing things up.

Another example is that I’m using Airtable for a ‘members directory’. I want each person to be able to update and edit their own profile information. These people do not need (and I don’t want them to have) full access to any of my bases or manage content, just a small bit of information and for them to be the owners and stewards of that information.

So to summarize succinctly for you

When I have asked many people to submit a form, and those people who submitted the form are also responsible for editing/updating/managing their submission, I want airtable to provide a way to give submitters sovereignty over their submission so that I don’t have to make trivial edits on anyone’s behalf and so I can focus on more important stuff like managing data structures, information workflows, integrations, publishing, compliance etc.


Yes - we need this too!

Same need as many – we use a table to track startups through our vetting and due diligence process. We have different events that gather data in big chunks, after which we curate all the data in a single Google Doc template via Zapier. It would be far more efficient for us to be able use forms to add to the record rather than using an expanded record. And setting up a Zapier process is way too kludgy. Please add this functionality.

Hi @Daniel_Swid @Jesseca_Ryan @Derek_Footer! I now have a working implementation that should enable this. Please reach out at if you would like to try it out.

My Airtable functionality has improved 10 fold since using these extensions.


It looks like Miniextensions does this exactly how I’d like it - it’s just quite expensive. In Australian dollars it’s over $50 a month. Given I only use it a handful of times a month I’m not sure it’s better than my kludgy Zapier based solution to this issue, which is significantly cheaper and allows me to do a bunch of other things with Zapier.

If it was ~$10 a month I’d probably use it.

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It always amazes me that in a climate of deep and precise analytics, vendors cannot build solutions based on micro-payments. We can know with perfect knowledge how many times any process is executed and how many milliseconds in resources the process consumed. We can even predict web services demand within 99.5% accuracy.

But tie that activity to shape a discrete and precise pricing model to vastly capture a large share of users?

Nah - we’re too lazy to go the trouble of eliminating all pricing objections from a vast ocean of potential buyers who just pass us by.

Mini Extensions, Zapier, Airtable, Integromat - why aren’t you creating value propositions that are irresistible to every buyer?

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Oren, did you find a solution to this problem? It’s very similar to my own.

+1 on this feature request to allow forms to input data into already existing records

It’s brutal that I would have to use Zapier and make additional automations across multiple services to achieve this.

Thanks for listening to the community!

I am working with senior execs from 2 dozen organizations on a field strategy project. I have a set of data on each of their organizations that I need them to review and update. This is NOT data a junior person can edit. I also want them to only edit their org’s data and not see or experience the others’.

If I send these senior folks a form and ask them to fill it out, they will roll eyes and be annoyed. It will not get done.

If instead I sent them a form with fields at least partially complete with data we have FOR THEM TO EDIT they will 1) feel respected and 2) actually make the edits. Their attitude about engaging in the whole project will be different.

You can create a pre-filled form in Airtable, and give everyone a different link to their own personalized pre-filled form. This excellent app from @kuovonne even helps you create the form URL: Prefilled Forms - Apps - Airtable Marketplace.

However, Airtable forms only ADD new records, so you would have to create some sort of automation afterwards (either through Airtable’s Automations or through an external automation tool like Integromat) to actually do the updating of the original record.

Alternatively, many people prefer to use MiniExtensions, because you are literally editing the actual record through a form, with no additional steps needed:

p.s. If anybody needs help setting any of this up, and you have the budget to hire a professional Airtable consultant, please feel free to contact me through my website at

I’m baffled that this still does not exist after hundreds of requests and many years.
Simple implementation: For an existing form with URL, let users pass a parameter (e.g., record ID) which simply loads default data into the existing Form (so uses can a. customize, and b. share externally). Obviously, you need to add Update instead of Create on the backend in that case.

$40/mo to an external party (miniextensions) for such a core (CRUD) capability seems unreasonable.


100% agree, this is such an obvious need to implement.

I simply cannot believe that this has STILL not been implemented. How many comments are you going to need to actually DO IT ?
I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE AIRTABLE.
But as said numerous times in here, there is a strong NEED for “editable form” view, customizable (i.e. not only row after row, but with possibility to put several fields per line, etc…).
This is what Stacker does but it’s slow and painful.
Stackby is rising, simply because of this and I cannot believe I am now looking for solutions to export my Airtable bases to Stackby, juste because of that. Some of the users of my tables are high level users, and the table view is simply too complicated for them at some stage.
Don’t let people leave Airtable because of that ! Do something !

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Nope :slight_smile: This just prevents people from editing some fields but it’s not related to a specific view of the data.

Katherine could you not use an automation with the Find Record & Update Record function to do this?

The form could link to the original record ID, you can make a copy of all fields (It could be another Table or a bunch of hidden fields), the Automation would then use the Find Record function to link to the original record, and Update Record to update each field with the new information from the form?

Suggest Airtable has a place for links and profiles to 3rd party products as there are a number of sites I have seen with list of apps for Airtable.

Even this page doesn’t have more than a fraction of what I have seen recently floating around as the number has grown over short period of time and the Airtable Marketplace doesn’t seem to cover more than the Airtable apps and the github apps.