Form View Date/Century Confusion: 2-digit year converts to wrong 4-digit year


We have a form view set up to collect birth dates using a Date field. Our form users typically enter this in abbreviated one- or two-digit format (M/D/YY or MM/DD/YY). When the form is submitted, it is given a 4-digit year in the grid view, and this apparently defaults to the 21st century.

So if someone who was born in 1943 enters 11/18/43 on the form, we see 11/18/2043.

This would be fixed if the Form view of a Date field required dates to be entered as a 4-digit year. So if our user enters 11/18/43, they would get a message saying that the year must be 4 digits.

In the meantime, I’ve added a note to the form telling our users to use a 4-digit year.

thank you