Form View Doesn't Update

I’ve created a form for users to input data onto a table. As we’ve growing, some of the status selections have been changed. However, the form did not automatically update.

We are creating many forms for our users, and it will be difficult to remember changes on every form. Is there a way for these forms to automatically update (like the views update automatically when shared?) or is this not a feature.

Is there a work-around if it isn’t a feature?

thank you in advance. Kathi

Welcome to the community, @Kathi_Baldwin !

What do you mean that your status selections have changed and they’re not updating on the form? Are you referring to a single select field or a multiple select field?

Your values will always be reflected on the form in real time, so I would make sure that (a) you’ve put the correct field on your form, and (b) I would also make sure that you haven’t limited the values of those fields on the form by taking a look at the additional field options that appear on the form for those fields.

Thank you for your reply, and I’m relieved that they should update. And thank you for reminding me about the additional field options. It had been restricted. It is now working.


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