Form which feeds into two or more tables


It would be awesome to have the ability to build one form that feeds info to two different tables.

I’d like to send a form to prospective clients and have their answers populate a Companies table and a Contact Info table, also linking the records together. In building the form, fields from all tables in a base could be made available for creating new records and any new records created as a result of the form would then be linked.

Currently, I’m using one table that has grown rather large with all the fields for both contact info and company info.

So…whadya say, Airtable? In the pipeline?

Thank you for an incredibly versatile product! I love using it and sharing it.



You could have a Zapier action do this for you. When new row is created > Create new row


Ok, well individual start up’s are already cash flow tight; I believe Zapier has no zero cos solution for single proprietors and freelancers starting out.

So, w/o Zapier what do you do?