Form with duplicates validating key field

I have a table with a unique code.
I’m looking for a way to provide the public with a form where they can enter a code and check if it’s already been entered to the table or not.
How can I achieve this?

Welcome to the community, @Charith_J_Abeywickra!

That is not possible with the native Airtable form, but you can do that by paying for the MIniExtensions form:

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Thanks for the quick reply, appreciate it.

Is it possible to use MIniExtensions form as only a search form, without allowing data been entered to the system?

For example, I want people to search for the code and get a message only, saying it’s already registered or not. It shouldn’t enter any data to the table.

Do you think this is possible.


Yes, that is one of the features of MiniExtensions:

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Thanks a lot, really appreciate your help.

You’re welcome! This should be extremely easy for you to setup on your own in just a few minutes of your time, but if you ever need to hire an expert Airtable consultant in the future, feel free to contact me through my website:

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