Format a Date/Time Column


Hi all,

I would like to format a column within a sheet which is currently displaying the date and time, but I would like it to display this in another format. I know this can be done using a formula referencing the cell in another column, but I just want to change the original data, I don’t want to have to link it anywhere else.

It seems like the easiest thing and something that is standard across most spreadsheet style software but I cannot find the option to do so. Is this possible?



Right-click on the field head, select ‘Customize field type,’ select the ‘Formatting’ tab, and choose which date or date-and-time format you desire. :wink:


Thank you for your reply. I don’t see a formatting tab - I have attached a screenshot of what I see after selecting ‘customise field type’


I can see the basic formatting options ( there are about 4 ways to display the date/time) but what I want to do is not there. Ideally I would like to use format such as this example - Mon 01 April 2018, 2:30pm. I can see this can be done with formula, but can’t find a way of getting this kind of format without it being the result of formula linked to another column.

Thanks for your help!



No, you’re right; for some reason I thought you were dealing with a calculated date (that is, a formula field that evaluates to a date) rather than a data entry date field.

You’re also right in that your choices are limited; the date field doesn’t support the full range of options available through DATETIME_FORMAT(). I’m afraid that is your only route if you’re determined to use that specific format.


How annoying! Thank you for clarifying.



On behalf of the folks at Airtable, given the large number of possible variations in the way a time/date field could be formatted, I understand the line must be drawn somewhere. (For what it’s worth, most of the time the integral formats don’t satisfy my needs, either.)