Format and insert data to duration format field


I’m new at scripting and have, I think, a basic question if someone can please help me.

I want automate the creation of pre-filled fields with the script app. I’ve been able to run that successfully for basic ‘text strings’. But now I’m trying to add data to a field that is formatted with ‘duration format’ and I haven’t been able to make it work.

The code I wrote was:

//Ask for session duration
var SessionDuration = await input.textAsync (‘Type the duration of this sessions’);

//Create field and fill with duration
let CrearRegistro = await ActivityTable.createRecordsAsync([
“DurationField”: Number(SessionDuration),

And when I input data such as 30 or 60… the field always shows 0:01.

I’ll appreciate any help… thanks.

Duration fields store their data in terms of seconds, but by default display the output as hh:mm. If you want your input value to be interpreted as minutes, multiply the input value by 60, then save that to the duration field.

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Thanks a lot Justin… I guess its a beginners question… but I’m getting better :slight_smile:

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