Format Formula to Display List

Hi all,

I’m trying to make it easier for my teammates to create records, and would love it if I could format the text in a formula field so that its items separated by a comma are displayed in vertical list format. This is the formula I’m using right now, trimmed so no one has to wade through ALL the categories and tags:

IF(Category=“Community”,“Art & Music, Books & Literacy, Children & Youth, Community Development, Education, Guns & #NeverAgain, Inclusive Language”)

I’d like everything within the second set of quotation marks to display in list format. Is this possible?

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Try replacing all of the commas in that list with \n – that may work for you

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Wow! Perfect! Thank you! I never would have guessed that. :astonished:

Most text entry on the internet will interpret \n as a “newline” character, and replace it with a line-break when it is processed by the server.

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