Formatting geo coordinates (split latitude/longitude) for Mapbox

Hello community, I’m trying to average geographic coordinates.

First I split the coordinate into lat & lon fields, for example: 41.3310413 and 19.7828039

  • In Google Sheets I’m using average() with correct result
  • In Airtable the rollup with average() fails with NaN

Does anyone know another way of averaging coordinates?

PS: Also tried to remove the dot with SUBSTITUTE(Lat,".","",1) but am getting an error.


Is Lat a number field?

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Good point, the original coordinates is a text field as otherwise it couldn’t store the 41.3310413,19.7828039 value. I believe because of this the consecutive formula split lat/lon fields can’t be recognized as numbers. Perhaps it’s also the dot, I tried to get around this with the substitute function but failed.

Yeah, just make sure both your Lat and Long fields are number fields (or a formula field resulting in a number), and then you should be fine.

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Solution and final setup:

  • Coordinates / text field: 40.096975653171484, 19.753827595322253
  • Lat / number field: IF(Coordinates,VALUE(TRIM(LEFT(Coordinates,FIND(",",Coordinates)-1))))
  • Lon / number field: IF(Coordinates,VALUE(TRIM(RIGHT(Coordinates,LEN(Coordinates)-FIND(",",Coordinates)))))

This enable the rollup with average(values), I’m using it with the Mapbox API to plot POIs on maps. The average of the POIs is needed to center the map.

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