Formatting options for Long Text (NOW ACCEPTING BETA TESTERS)

@Katherine_Duh #1 use case: copying and pasting formatted copy blocks from Airtable to InDesign (or Word, or whatever). Simple as that. Bold, and ital are essential. Underline and strikethrough are nice to haves.


I just had one of my users complain that Google Sheets can’t do rich text and I soooo wanted to tell them that Airtable could do it, but then I found this thread.

So, ya, +1 for all the above.

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This would be great. I currently export HTML or markup from the long text field which I then need to run through something to convert it to rich text.


We’re using AirTable as a PM tool for a creative team. Formatted text is definitely something we could use! Ordered and unordered lists to break down the details of a project is becoming increasingly necessary. A way to copy/paste formatted text to be used in that project with other html compliant programs (word, tinymce in a browser, etc) would also be awesome.

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+1 for all of the above. Seems like this idea has a long history. If it isn’t likely to be worked on, it would be great to get a response from the Product team about why and the rationale.

This is what I feel is needed:

  • Header text 1-3
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Paragraph Breaks
  • Links
  • Bullet / Number Lists
  • Images would be quite nice, too.

So, most of the options that we are given when making comments in this actual forum!




Please please please. This app would save my life if it only had the slightest markup capability.

I put a list of companies in a google sheet, and then needed to make an easy-to-read document that summarized each company. So I made a google doc that gave an elevator speech for each company, with bullet points and bold phrases. If AirTable had markup, I could merge these two things. As it is, I have to maintain two docs and update everything twice. :tired_face:

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After a year or so of using Airtable, we’re finally moving somewhere else because this feature doesn’t exist. What a shame! Can’t believe y’all didn’t build this.


It’s ironic that I can use Markdown to emphasize how disappointed I am that there’s no Markdown in AirTable text fields.


Please please add in text formatting/markdown. Would be so helpful in organise/prioritise content through bullet points, creating bolded items, linking urls (rather than the full messy cumbersome entire link). Even basic bullet points, hyperlinking and some basic text styling would be of massive help for presentation and legibility particularly when sharing with sharing with other contributors.


We use this tool to register all desired A/B tests. For this we also need to set up goals in Optimizely. For this list I need to be able to give a good description including bullet points and making text bold/italic

I just signed up to Airtable, hoping to migrate over from Google Sheets because of the better user experience. However, I’m sad to discover that it’s not possible to add a Rich Text field to new tables. This would make a huge difference to the ability for me to upload content to my webflow CMS.

Is there a plan for when we may be able to expect this feature from Airtable? (ironic that I’m writing this with easy markups/in a RTE)

At least to store notes or text data with some layout


  • #hastag in text would be awesome to search
  • link in text to link other records

Welcome to the forum @Karoline_Andersen!

I agree - even simple markdown would be ideal. But, did you know that there’s nothing stopping you from creating and managing markdown or even HTML content in long text fields now?

I do this all the time. Using the API to fetch or manual export, markdown tags are sustained and when they are rendered in the CMS, it all works.

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Exactly how it should be formatted. I use the long text field to communicate information…
use case: when performing a lease check (oil and gas field) it is great to be able to add proof of what you searched by doing a screen shot and attaching it to my notes. Is it easily indexable information? No, but long text fields in databases are not traditionally indexed anyway! The point is, it is information that aids a users who has already found the field they want, and just need to see the background/history of the record.

another use case: insurance industry phone calls. When dealing with third party payers, documentation is king. Again, in my notes / journal of a call, I would like to be able to take screen shots, attach call logs, bold text for the next user who is coming behind me and needs to see excerpts of the most important information from my notes.

Yes, rich text (ideally markdown so it is portable) in Long Text (or a new field type) would be incredibly useful.

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to let you all know that the beta for rich text formatting is coming very soon! :partying_face:
In the beta, expect to see:

  • Text formatting, like bold and italics
  • The ability to hyperlink text
  • Bulleted lists (like this one!), as well as numbered lists and checkboxes
  • And more!

Excited? Sign up for the beta using this form.

:bulb:Tip: if you click through to the form, one of the form fields actually allows you to take the new formatting options for a test run!


Wow, @Katherine_Duh this is great news!

Honestly, it’s kind of bittersweet. As the original poster of this suggestion, I will miss this long-running thread, and the feeling that I had really identified something so many other people wanted. I knew you guys would come up with something eventually.

Just signed up for the beta and can’t wait to start testing it out!


+1 for markdown

Managing approved text / copy for teams, loses any/all formatting when it gets to Airtable, makes it very hard to maintain.

Hello Ario
I can see you have been searching for a solution on this… did you find any alternatives so far?
I have +100s of product descriptions which are completely unusable when exported into shopify, being squashed into one big paragraph.
Many thanks

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