Formatting options for Long Text


Specially for urls this would be great. Currently if you need to link to multiple urls you have to create an url table and add multiple links from the current record to records in the url table. Besides, this won’t be well integrated (wiki style) in the record notes/description.

Trello mixes the concept of attachment and urls. Since Airtable already support a multiple attachment field, a generalization that sees urls as a kind of external attachment would also support the particular use case I described above.


+1 for formatting in long text. Also being able to add pictures and videos would be awesome.


+1 This would allow us to save related documentation to a workflow management process we’re building. Documentation field would contain bullet lists, headings etc. Ideally we’d be able to expose this through api onto a webpage - as such basic html tags would be really helpful.


Another vote from me. Markdown in long text would be great!


Is this even being considered? We are evaluating AirTable and this is a major need for us.

How about a new field type, a Markdown field that would cause you not to have to worry about screwing up existing long text content?


Yes! and specifically with lists, todo lists with checkboxes please!

  • [ ] add checkboxes support in long description markdown text.
  • [ ] enjoy!


Please add Markdown support!


Yes, it would be nice to see some basic text formatting at least in the long text field.

It doesn’t need an extra editor, Trello shows a good solution with some shortcuts or special chars which are automatically translated to HTML elements like lists, italic or bold text and different font size.
It’s also a good idea to support URL formatting in the text like [text](URL) which will be a replaced with the HTML code for links. So it doesn’t need modifications in the GUI!

It needs only a small improvement in the text renderer so that such special chars like “*” or “1.” are replaced with HTML formatting code. This can be easy done with some regular expressions and is no rocket science!
A good developer can implement such easy features in a day, so it should not be something which it needs a lot of man power or big plan for years.


Cmon airtable! Implementing this shouldn’t be difficult & it’s already been done by Trello and other similar apps like Zenkit. On the client-side, once you fetch the long text data, you can just parse the long text field with a clientside markdown parser from or create your own.
This markdown it parser is good & supports everything you need:

A prototype can be done in hours and you can definitely get this done in less than month. I know that ya’ll operate at a large scale, but you also have fantastic engineers…


Any thoughts from airtable on this?


In the mean while couldn’t you create a zap to convert the text to markdown using the formatter native app to Zapier? Just a thought…


Rich text, please! Not just because QuickBase and others provide it, but because it’s hugely useful-for example, in a content management system, if the articles can be in rich text fields, they can be exported for publication. Or using the new Page Designer Block, rich text can be injected into output documents. The user support for this feature is obvious and long.


I, and many others that I’ve talked to, would like the ability to add a Rich Text field to tables. Much like this box that I’m typing into right now or like the Description block, having the ability it would be nice to be able to have a field type that allows rich text editing at a record level.

There are numerous use cases and a field like this could even replace my need for a knowledge base tool or wiki (e.g, Confluence), or attaching files like PDFs or Word docs. Another obvious use case would be for detailed notes (e.g., usability test/interview session notes, meeting notes, troubleshooting documentation).

Also, one of your competitors ( is offering something similar and I think y’all could do a much better job (e.g., your Description block functionality as a Rich Text field type).

Notion example:


Yep, rich text is something that I’ve been asking for a while. They continue to add amazing new stuff but this simple one doesn’t seem to make the priority list.


Totally agree – I posted on this a while ago and it’s gotten a lot of interest from users, but no action from Airtable yet. Here’s that post if you’d like to chime in over there: Formatting options for Long Text


Very much agreed! We’re having to store our product descriptions outside of Airtable as they’re unusable without formatting. Introducing rich text would be a huge improvement, and would also enable us to create product information sheets, catalogues, etc with the Page Designer block.


Think something like the word processor you can use to compose emails in Gmail. It’s simple but really powerful. With bolding and bullet points, this would allow me to create more organized looking notes within Airtable.


Since AirTable doesn’t support Markdown, I’m looking to use TurnDown (

Can anyone offer an example of how to call and format say a

to a # as a pointer to get started?


+1 The one thing missing for allowing Airtable to be used as CMS (and opening up a market for them) is rich text editing or at least Markdown (with support for images).

Would love to see this.


+1 Would be very useful in an editorial environment, for sure.