Formatting options for Long Text


+1 – This is a no-brainer and seems like low hanging fruit, what could possibly be preventing them from implementing this?


I am voting for this, adding in formatting for long text calculated by a formula. This would be helpful in the page designer block.


One more +1.

looks like you’ve got a lot of requests for this.

I’m a product manager trying to integrate Airtable as a hub for a lot of different toolsets using webhooks / api / zapier. If airtable had a field type that provided markdown store and preview, it’d be mighty fine. I already dump markdown into text fields anyway, shame I can’t hang around in your service to deal with that markdown I use in a plethora of other services. Guess I’ll take my eyeball time elsewhere. #Shutupandtakemyeyeballtime

Funny, the text field I’m replying to this in, provided by airtable, has markdown support.

kidding aside, I love and appreciate your service. Markdown support in text fields would keep me on your product longer, and let me use it for more things.


+1 markdown support!!!


Absolutely…one of the main reasons not using Airtable as my Crm right now…

Also the wasted space on right side for activity feed and commenting is a shame…

That space should be at least optional to remove so more room for notes, and details


I’d like to support this too – it would be really helpful for my primary use.


Markdown Support Please!!!

This would be huge. I use Airtable for agile product planning and being able to paste code and longer user stories into this field would be a game changer.


+1 for Markdown, HTML, or better, same as provide !


This is important to me. I miss having rich text options for cards in Trello. I’d be very happy if this was added.


This is very important to me as well! Is it on the roadmap?


+1! I’m trying to use Airtable as a repository for customer / product feedback - simple formatting would go a long way :slight_smile:


Can’t you just mirror Slack’s formatting options? XY for bold, XY for ital, etc.? For us, bold and italics, combined with line-breaks via \n would meet 905 of user needs.


Bullets should be doable using unicode characters/glyphs and line-breaks via \n, particularly in roll-up fields that leverage arrays.