Formatting options for Long Text


+1 – This is a no-brainer and seems like low hanging fruit, what could possibly be preventing them from implementing this?


I am voting for this, adding in formatting for long text calculated by a formula. This would be helpful in the page designer block.


One more +1.

looks like you’ve got a lot of requests for this.

I’m a product manager trying to integrate Airtable as a hub for a lot of different toolsets using webhooks / api / zapier. If airtable had a field type that provided markdown store and preview, it’d be mighty fine. I already dump markdown into text fields anyway, shame I can’t hang around in your service to deal with that markdown I use in a plethora of other services. Guess I’ll take my eyeball time elsewhere. #Shutupandtakemyeyeballtime

Funny, the text field I’m replying to this in, provided by airtable, has markdown support.

kidding aside, I love and appreciate your service. Markdown support in text fields would keep me on your product longer, and let me use it for more things.


+1 markdown support!!!


Absolutely…one of the main reasons not using Airtable as my Crm right now…

Also the wasted space on right side for activity feed and commenting is a shame…

That space should be at least optional to remove so more room for notes, and details


I’d like to support this too – it would be really helpful for my primary use.


Markdown Support Please!!!

This would be huge. I use Airtable for agile product planning and being able to paste code and longer user stories into this field would be a game changer.


+1 for Markdown, HTML, or better, same as provide !


This is important to me. I miss having rich text options for cards in Trello. I’d be very happy if this was added.


This is very important to me as well! Is it on the roadmap?


+1! I’m trying to use Airtable as a repository for customer / product feedback - simple formatting would go a long way :slight_smile:


Can’t you just mirror Slack’s formatting options? XY for bold, XY for ital, etc.? For us, bold and italics, combined with line-breaks via \n would meet 905 of user needs.


Bullets should be doable using unicode characters/glyphs and line-breaks via \n, particularly in roll-up fields that leverage arrays.


Please please please do this. We have been slowly moving most of our business operations to Airtable, but we are book publishers, so it is essential that we be able to format text, especially italics, bold, and accents.


+1 !!

I just started using this app and I’m loving it!

But rich text is already missing, and the workaround I’m trying to do is not funny at all, lol.
Bold, italic and font size, please!


and highlighting!!! would be awesome


OMG, yes +++ on a markdown field - that would be a game changer


Yes please! Markdown support would do wonders!


Does putting “+1” in the comments actually accomplish anything?


I also really need to be able to use markdown, as we use this to manage client rquests, but can’t then process the text they send to us! So we’re stuck with them sending us text in word docs which seems non-sensical and a shame given how many other services offer formatted text