Formatting options for Long Text


Thanks for clarifying, @Katherine_Duh!

As the original poster here (118 :heart:'s and over 5k views later :wink:), I’ve noticed that fellow commenters in the literary and book/magazine publishing worlds share our specific use case. We all want italics and bold formatting (at a minimum) so we can use Long Text fields to hold multi-paragraph rich text. This could then be copied/pasted or accessed by other means into other applications, simplifying various content-creation workflows that rely on formatted text.

Common needs for italicized text include: book titles, scientific terms, and phrases from Latin or other foreign languages. Bold formatting is primarily useful for headings, i.e. an author’s name before their bio. Other commenters outside the literary world seem to need this functionality for product titles and descriptions.


That would be my use case as well. Book publishing needs blurbs (or book descriptions) that often contain italics or bold. I’m currently using a workaround that I sourced via Upwork where I use my own markdown (brackets for bold and braces for italics) and then pull the text out via the API and insert it into a Word doc and convert it to actual italics and bold for various document types I need. It’s a lot more labour intensive than it needs to be, especially given the page designer block. I’m not sure how people are using the page designer block without in-built italics and bold in some kind of markdown field.


Another use case would be if someone was using the product as a CRM solution. If I wanted to take notes on a call or a person, the ability to use markdown formatting would really help with organizing information in a way that is more structured using lists, headings, and italics. Maybe it could be a new field type or a block enabling markdown support and display when the record is expanded.


+1 for this. Bold, underline and bullets for sure, but I have a number of other uses I’d want to put it to. E.g.

  1. I send emails into my table, and at the moment, they can look hideous and undecipherable. It would be really useful to maintain the formatting.
  2. I’d like to be able to put an editable table into the long-text field.

+1 for this feature- Submitted such a long time ago…


+1 for markdown, this is a must-have for platforms like Airtable.


We’re still desperate for this one. It would open up a tonne of possibilities for us. Particularly with regards to the Page Builder, which is useless to us without rich text.

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+1. It would be great to have some way of formatting the contents of a cell/long text.

This isn’t ideal, and possibly of side interest to some, but if anyone’s trying to use AirTable to produce a dynamic webpage/site (e.g. see here), they can use CSS styling to ‘parse’ the carriage returns in a Long Text field and replace them with line breaks.

Just use the css style `white-space: pre-wrap;’. Wrap any AirTable field you’re inserting into a HTML page with a class that has ‘white-space: pre-wrap’ for styling. e.g.


<p class=“w”>
<!–insert the AirTable Long Text here.–>


p.w {
white-space: pre-wrap;

You could do the same for italics and bold text, but you’d need to manually wrap any words or phrases with <span></span> and add the respective styling.


Add Markdown to at a minimum Long Text field. I mean even your community app has markdown capabilities. Would be awesome.

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Their community app is not built by them. It’s a commonly used forum software called discourse. Just FYI

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yea i know - it was just pointing something that is common in apps used as CMS , Tracking, Project Management, Forms, Etc.

We were going to use Discourse - but decided on a different path ourselves.


+1 to markup

This is unfortunately one of the main reasons my use of Airtable has been so limited. I need some way to format long notes so they aren’t eye-straining blocks. URLs, as mentioned, are unwieldy. The lack of any kind of bullet points to make lists, or bolding or italics to break things up, makes it impossible to do any meaningful note-taking.

It’s kind of hard to believe this hasn’t been addressed yet.


+1 to formatting here.

Specifically I’m looking for bold/underline and bullet points in Long Description type fields.

As a PM, I use Airtable to create a list of test cases we need to execute/build. In columns describing the setup, there are often several attributes that we need to list out that I would like to display in a bulleted list.

Some test cases are VERY similar to one another as well, save for one small detail. It’d be helpful to be able to highlight the important word in Bold or by underlining.



This would replace having to share things between Airtable - Google Docs - and Jira when working on a product team and using airtable as a ticket system. There is no way to leave long descriptions in here if they can’t be formatted to give emphasis on the most important elements of a description.



I would imagine that markdown support is something that really shouldn’t require a specific use case.

I’d say that virtually anyone that’s built a readme file will already know how useful markdown is.

Even people that might not have the “traditional” exposure to markdown should be able to quickly pick it up and realize its usefulness for long text fields.

I mean, would it really be that difficult to implement? I would figure not, since it’s implemented for Base descriptions.

Anyway, just my few cents on the matter.

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+1 We definitely need rich text available in tables. Any headway on this?


Basic markup would be nice.
Support for tables would be really nice, so I could create simple checklists with notes within a Long Text field.

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Oh please, this would be such a useful addition. Markup or basic HTML would be so great.

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I agree that bold would be huge, and more so, bullets. The ability to truly use long texts as notes would be invaluable.

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Markdown/CommonMark please, it would be a game-changer.