Formatting options for Long Text

@Katherine_Duh #1 use case: copying and pasting formatted copy blocks from Airtable to InDesign (or Word, or whatever). Simple as that. Bold, and ital are essential. Underline and strikethrough are nice to haves.


I just had one of my users complain that Google Sheets can’t do rich text and I soooo wanted to tell them that Airtable could do it, but then I found this thread.

So, ya, +1 for all the above.


This would be great. I currently export HTML or markup from the long text field which I then need to run through something to convert it to rich text.


We’re using AirTable as a PM tool for a creative team. Formatted text is definitely something we could use! Ordered and unordered lists to break down the details of a project is becoming increasingly necessary. A way to copy/paste formatted text to be used in that project with other html compliant programs (word, tinymce in a browser, etc) would also be awesome.

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+1 for all of the above. Seems like this idea has a long history. If it isn’t likely to be worked on, it would be great to get a response from the Product team about why and the rationale.

This is what I feel is needed:

  • Header text 1-3
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Paragraph Breaks
  • Links
  • Bullet / Number Lists
  • Images would be quite nice, too.

So, most of the options that we are given when making comments in this actual forum!


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