Formatting percentage numbers in a formula

Hi there,

Let’s say I have a formula field - Field A - that produces a decimal value (e.g., 0.5).

I use the formatting option within the formula field to display this value as a percentage.

However when I call that field in another formula - Field B - it is displaying using the original decimal value.

Is there a way to format my the ouput in Field B, so that it displays as a percentage value?

Currently Field B is outputting data like:


I want Field B to output:


If anyone could help that would be much appreciated!

What is your formula? All parts of your formula must result in a number (or be blank) in order to format it numerically.

Hi Scott,

Field B is going to output both text and numbers.

So, for example it currently shows:

{% Calc} & " Text"

This then outputs:

0.833334 Text

But I would like it to output:

83% Text

I had tried this formula to manually alter the format:

({% Calc} * 100) & "% Text"

But it still shows all the extra decimals and outputs:

83.3334% Text

Any help would be great :slight_smile:

You need to round the number to get rid of the extra decimal places.

        {% Calc} * 100,
    "% Text"

If you have more complex needs when converting a number to a text string, you can use my Ready Made Formulas app with a premium license.

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Thank you @kuovonne , this worked perfectly!

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