Formatting tools for forms


It would be very useful to have some basic formatting tools for the forms.

Things like horizontal dividers, section titles and control over spacing and grouping of fields.

More advanced things would be even better :grin: - like tabs, accordion sections, custom fonts (Google, Typekit).



Yes! I’d love this too. I have some long forms and I just need some dividers and titles to put in-between sections. I’d also love image sections, but less important.



Yes, TypeKit Integration for the Page Builder block would open up continuity with Brands and their identity far greater than Google Fonts.

Additionally, the giant list of fonts without being able to quickly type a font name is a major drawback to using the Form Builder.

Wish list would be both Google Fonts and Adobe TypeKit integration implemented in much the same way as SquareSpace. If “styles” could be integrated that would save so much time as each field added to a page builder has to be styled with every single change made to previous fields.

Like CSS or some sort of saved preset function would be ideal. Invoicing with higher end brands stays outside of Airtable due to the lack of typography integration with TypeKit

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Currently surviveing with the repeating frames and correct design of the tables, but some basic formating options are more than welcome (dividers, frames, position links) … I know is not an easy task but a lot of ppl will appreciate



This is one of the main things that would get me to pay for a premium subscription. Right now I’m using a wordpress form to collect data, exporting the entries to csv and then importing into airtable. Simplifying that would be worth the money. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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