Forms-correction of data by user after form has been submitted by the individual

I am working on the intake of roster information for Wildfire Firefighters. We have availability beginning and end dates that we could see might need to be changed. I would like to allow an individual to make a change to just their information after they have submitted an intake form.

Submitted info goes into a grid view that will be displayed on a pw protected site for high ranking logistics officers to access.

One option is to have someone submit their changes via a change request form. The change would be sent to an admin and they would update that. But I’m looking for a way for someone to control their own info without the use of an admin in the middle.


Hi @Jen_Pennington
Can you take a look at this thread from the other day and see if that is a viable solution?

I’m going to try this. Great referral. Thank you so much for the speedy reply.

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