Forms - max number of records in a base

Hi, we’re using a form to capture survey responses and my question is: how many responses, or records, can a base hold? 5k? 10k? Any idea?
Thank you

I think the practical ceiling is like 50,000 rows in a table.

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Thanks, Bill! I think we’ll be ok then. We have 67k employees, but only a fraction will respond. Now to figure out how to limit the survey to only one response per person!

Yep, probably fine. There are some nuances that go along with Airtable’s practical ceiling including the density of the data, attachments, attachment sizes, etc. But it’s unlikely you’ll have any issues concerning scale. And you can always craft a suitable archive strategy if you suffer from a good turnout which is a good problem to have.

In the world of analytics, multiple responses are generally welcomed if for no other reason than to serve as yet an additional data point that says something about those respondents. However, for computational integrity, consider using a roll-up, or a grouping or even filtered views to sanitize the data as you like. Instead of attempting to limit activity, use your energy to shape the analytics despite the respondents who feel the need to post multiple entries.

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Really great advice, Bill. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond in such detail. I appreciate the ideas!

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