Forms not showing Pro Features

I upgraded my account to Pro, but my forms aren’t giving me access to Pro features. Help!

What pro features are you expecting in your forms?

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‘Add a Cover Image’
‘Add a Logo’

Is the base in a Pro workspace? It is possible to have “Pro” access for only one workspace and not others.

Try closing out Airtable and then re-opening. Sometimes restarting Airtable helps.

Yes, I tried that.

Confirmed my base is on the Pro Plan.

I created a new form too after upgrading, same thing.

I’ve logged out, switched computers, etc.


Perhaps it has something to do with your base role? (e.g. owner, admin, commentor, editor etc.)You can try taking a screenshot of your billing plan ( > Select Workspace > Workspace Settings) and send it to Airtable support.

Alternatively, you can try going to (while logged-in), click Help at the top right followed by Contact Us and send a message via the Airtable Support Chatbot.

Hope this helps!


Welcome to the Airtable Community. Just want to ask a question that has not been asked. Did you create the form or was it created by somebody else before you upgraded?

If somebody else created the form, they might simply not have added a logo or the field you were expecting.

When you create a new form, even inside a free Airtable account, you see something like this:

If you are using a free account and you try to add logo or cover image, you’ll be prompted to upgrade–but you should see the options there on the layout editor.


If it helps. I emailed airtable and they turned on the pro features for me for forms.

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