Forms pro or Qualtrics

Is there any way that I can create a block or a way to integrate data from a Forms Pro or Qualtrics survey I’ve created? I see that Airtable has its own version of that but I was wondering if there are any ways to connect to the other programs. The company I work for pays for them so we’re trying to utilize the products.


Hi @Justin_Guerrero,

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Im not familiar with Forms Pro or Qualtrics, and it appears both are not available to be used in Zapier.

However, if they provide an API, then theoretically they can be linked using the API (and coding).


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Thanks for the response and welcome! I appreciate it. I’ll give it a look but I’m not sure if they give their API. Forms Pro is Microsoft, but I’ll check into Qualtrics and see if I find anything.

Again, much appreciated!


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