Forms Q: Conditional but also required fields

If I set a field to be required AND only visible under a specific condition and that condition is not met, will it stop the form from submitting because a hidden field is set as required?

It sounds stupid, but I literally ran into this only a couple months ago elsewhere with a form builder product that will go unnamed… but it wasn’t smart enough or well engineered enough to know that if a field is hidden, it shouldn’t be required unless it is visible no matter what. So then it would output a validation error telling people “You need to fill in field XXXXX” and they can’t see the field or even know it exists. Super poor UX there.

I could probably test this and find out but I figure I’ll ask here in case there’s something functional I may be overlooking or additional info.

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That won’t be a problem. Only visible fields will enforce their requirement to be filled in.

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