Forms question about respondants creating account in airtable


I love using the forms feature in airtable for collecting art instructors information about workshops for my website. the form is password protected. I’ve noticed I recieve credit each time, someone new, looks at the form or fills it out. How cool is that!?!?
My question is, if I have a non password protected form for a survey, do respondants have to create an account for airtable, in order to fill out?
I am afraid that will be a deterrent to many of our customers.
thanks for your input,


No they don’t. In fact, they don’t need an account if your form is only password protected either.

The only time a respondent needs an account is if you have selected the option to require the user to respond from a particular email domain. The respondent would then need a user account with Airtable registered with an email from the domain you chose. Airtable then uses the email domain of their user account to determine if they are allowed to access your form or not.