Formula/Automation for Date Entry that depends on Status Change

I need to make a automation that will reflect the date I update a Status field on my table to ‘Filed, Letter Received’.

These are the two ways I tried, but i’m not sure what I’m doing wrong in both situations. Please help?

The problem with your first automation is you’re trying to insert three different things inside a date field. If you want the new record you’re creating in the Tax Exemption Applications table to be linked to the record which triggered the automation, you need to insert the “Airtable record ID” in a different field that is of the Link Records type.

If you are trying to update the same record which triggered the automation then you are using the wrong action step. Instead of “Create record” you would need “Update record”.

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Thank you!

I guess in that case my automation has a different end goal? My main goal is to make a make a task that appears whenever my ‘Minute Book Trigger’ field has an entry. The ‘Minute Book Trigger’ is a show modified date field that only fills in whenever I update a separate ‘Determination Date’ date field that’s tied to it. That one has been a success, but the next step is where I’m having trouble.

The task that I’ve automated so far works, but I need the Due Date = the date the ‘Minute Book Trigger’ field updates PLUS ten days.

(ex. If I update that field mentioned above reflects today’s date (7/25/22), then the task that I’ve created will have to have a due date for 8/3/2022

I know a script is involved, but I’m unsure what my IF statements should look like. I got this far, but I don’t know how to fix this:

IF (
{Minute Book Trigger}, DATEADD( {Minute Book Trigger}, 10, ‘days’) )

I don’t see why this would be a script. Just use a formula field in the same table as the {Minute Book Trigger} field. Your formula is basically correct but needs the extra spaces between the function names and opening parenthesis removed to fix the syntax.

IF({Minute Book Trigger}, DATEADD({Minute Book Trigger}, 10, 'days'))

Again, your screenshot shows you trying to insert 3 field values into the MinuteBookTrigger date field. All that should be in there is the output of the formula.

Just ran a few test runs and so far it’s successful!! Thank you so much!!

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