Formula Date-Like Field Not Recognized In Calendar

Hi, first of all new here :grinning:

I’ve searched in the comunity and nothing really answers my question

I have a formula

DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD({Data Pagamento 1},{Produção Dias},‘days’),‘DD/MM/YYYY’)

When I go to calendar I cannot select that field.

Am I doing something wrong?

I also thought of the possibility that the fact of being a “formula field” does not let the app recognize it as date, even though it is. So I thought a work around that I don’t know how to apply

Create a second “date field” which value is equal to the formula.
I thought maybe with … automation? :roll_eyes:

I tried but I wasn’t able to find such function.

“Date Field” = “Formula Field”


DATETIME_FORMAT turns your date object into a text string. Remove that part and you will have a date object that the calendar will recognize.

DATEADD({Data Pagamento 1},{Produção Dias},'days')

Great, it worked!
Thanks for the fast reply :grinning:

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