Formula: dividing a column by a number


I’m trying to add a formula where I divide one column by a number.

Column A: 5000
Column B: result
Formula: Column A(5000) / 365

Any idea? Been trying to find a solution to make this work…really don’t want to go back to excel… :sob::frowning::sob:

Welcome to the community, @Anna_Dykeman!

What formula are you using? Do you have a screenshot of your base? I can’t figure out what you’re trying to do from your description above.

What’s the definition of the Column A?
If it’s not number(#) or currency($), it wouldn’t work successfully.
Good luck :ok_hand:

That’s pretty much what it would look like:

{Column A} / 365

Replace “Column A” with the actual name of your column (the curly braces aren’t necessary if it’s just a single word containing no special characters). For each record in the table, {Column B} will contain the result of the value in {Column A} divided by 365.

Now, if you’re trying to take the sum of ALL of Column A and divide that by 365, that’s not possible without a lot more work. Airtable might look like a spreadsheet at first, but under the hood it’s a lot more like a database. Spreadsheets give you freeform access to any cell in any column on any table. Databases don’t. If that’s what you’re trying to replicate, let us know and we can dig deeper.

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