Formula engine recognizing curly quotes

It would be awesome if Airtable’s formula engine could recognize “curly quotes” as the same thing as "straight quotes".

When editing formulas on mobile web browsers, curly quotes are the default. And, when copying and pasting formulas that have curly quotes from other places — such as this forum, which changes quotes to curly quotes outside of a code block, or rich-text editing apps which change quotes — the formulas won’t work upon pasting them into Airtable.

There have been multiple times where I have been scratching my head in confusion over a “seemingly-perfect formula” that doesn’t work properly, but it is actually failing because the quotes are curly.

I second this suggestion. Today I spent hours agonizing over a formula that kept returning an error. I posted in the forum for help, and @ScottWorld suggested that curly vs straight quotes were my issue. He was right. Formula works great now!

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