Formula Error - please help


Hi there, I’m trying to create a formula with the following field to calculate a cost. I’m using the following fields No. of activities worked, rate of pay and duration of activity. i’m putting in the following:

SUM({Rate of Pay}{Duration of Activity}{No. of Activities working})

And i keep receiving an error - not sure what i’m doing wrong.

The fields duration is configured as a number, rate of pay is linked from another table & no. of activities worked is a count field.

Can someone please help me? i’m going nuts!



If what you want is just to add all three values together with simple addition, then the SUM() function should do what you want… but you need to separate each input with a comma between them, like this:

   {Rate of Pay},
   {Duration of Activity},
   {No. of Activities worked}

Make sure you field names are spelled/formatted correctly inside the brackets.

Another option is to just use the math addition operator +:

{Rate of Pay} + {Duration of Activity} + {No. of Activities worked}

That should work too.

But something tells me you’re not after simple addition here…


I think there is a multiplication missing :sweat_smile: