Formula Field Character Limit


Is there a character limit in the Formula field type beyond which the formula no longer processes? It allows me to type in arbitrarily long formulas, but I notice that sometimes after a certain point the editor no long suggests auto-fill options when typing in the formula, and when I finish writing a long one, it seems like the end parts of the formula don’t process. Then when I go back to look at the formula, the end part of it is not present in the Formula box, even though I know I typed it in there.

(A separate, but related issue - the thing I am trying to accomplish with this is converting a month number from a date field to the month name. So my hyper-long formula starts IF(MonthNum=1,"January",IF(MonthNum=2,"February",IF(... etc. If you know another way I can accomplish this that wouldn’t run into character limits, that’d be great too - thanks!


To answer your second question, try


I can’t imagine the formula you cite could come anywhere close to maxing out Airtable’s maximum formula length or even a maximum line length (if such a thing exists); I suspect you’ll shortly receive a request from someone like @Kasra asking for specifics of your implementation. In the meantime, Airtable will accept formulas formatted in a more-traditional style,such as


You can copy-and-paste either version of that formula into your base.

Maximum formula length

Perfect, thank you @W_Vann_Hall! I did not know that DATETIME_FORMAT could return a non-numeric month like that.


DATETIME_FORMAT() and DATETIME_PARSE() are capable of all sorts of neat stuff.

My latest fun hack has been to use the 'X' format specifier to calculate a ‘days since Unix Epoch’ identifier, providing a unique numeric ID for any date between January 1, 1970, and January 19, 2038. I can then use this ‘days since epoch’ value to access data from other records to use in calculations in the current record to do things like create a running balance, track the difference in price from that of the previous day, display a week’s worth of data in a sliding window, and the like.


Sir, you are a scholar and a gentleman. I will be poring over the “Show and Tell” forums this weekend! New to Airtable, but boy do I love it.