Formula Field for Custom URL has changed behaviors

I have a Formula Field that creates a custom URL from my airtable. In the past, if a piece of data was missing in the airtable that was referenced in the Formula field … the data would just be empty. Now though, it’s throwing an error unless all of the data is populated. Does anyone have experience with this? Can you do something like =if(isnull, “noData”) in the formula?

IF({Field Name}, x)

^ replace x with your computed url formula. If the referenced field is blank then the url will not appear. Airtable formulas do not start with an equal sign.

Thank you for the information. I don’t think I did it correctly, as it’s still kicking back an error. Here is the custom URL:

& ‘brand’ & ‘=’ & ({Brand})
& ‘&email’ & ‘=’ & ({Email})
& ‘&name’ & ‘=’ & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Name})
& ‘&last4’ & ‘=’ & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT(IF{Last 4 of payment}=Blank(),“noData”)
& ‘&lastPayment’ & ‘=’ & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Payment Type})
& ‘&loyaltyNumber’ & ‘=’ & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Loyalty Number})
& ‘&ccparecordid’ & ‘=’ & ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({RecordID})

I need to test everything after and including the bolded rows for a blank.

Looking at your bolded line, notice how you have missing parentheses for the IF statement and you aren’t attempting to fill in the Last 4 if there is a value to insert.

IF({Last 4 of payment}, {Last 4 of payment}, "noData")
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Wonderful! That’s really helpful! Worked Perfect!

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