Formula field that also takes input

I need two dynamic fields, one for EUR currency and one for USD currency. What I want to do is when I input on one of them it automatically convert the value and set on the other. How can I do this with or without formula ?

The currency rates change everyday. Are you looking for a way to pull in real-time conversion rates?

Yes that’s exactly what I’m out to do. Is there any way using formulas ? or will i need to use the API for this ?

You would need to find both:

  1. A currency conversion API
  2. A way of programmatically writing the rates to your base.

The easiest way might be to use Make, which doesn’t require any coding knowledge and comes with its own native currency converter based on the European Central Bank exchange rates:

Otherwise, you will need to find your own currency converting API on the Internet that you want to use, and then you would need to program it into your base by using the extension or by writing your own JavaScript code.

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