Formula Fields: Values Based On Javascript Functions


This one might be a little bit “out there,” but I think that if it were possible it might address a number of requests for additional functions supported by Airtable’s Formula Fields…

I’m wondering if it might be possible support Formula Fields whose values are based on the result of some ad-hoc Javascript function. For example, the user might specify other Airtable fields as the Javascript function’s params, specify the JS function itself, and have the Formula Field’s value reflect the result.

It sounds like a lot of work, but if it were possible, it would expose Javascript’s functions to users, and reduce the need for Airtable to continually add support for new functions. It might also help to meet some of the needs that we’re seeing for localization.

Just a thought.

~ Tim

New Formula Field Functions

It’s a fairly reasonable idea and we’ve been thinking about it from the very beginning. The biggest challenge is security around evaluating arbitrary javascript. We’ll likely have some support for that in the future one way or another.


Now that I’m learning JavaScript, and Excel supports JavaScript, and Google Sheets supports JavaScript… I’m salivating at this thought of using JavaScript functions in Airtable