Formula Filter for E-Mail: Problems with special Characters in E-Mail address

I use a formula filterByFormula=Lower(E_Mail)=Lower("{user_email}".

If there is a special Character of # or & or + in the e-mail address, for example the formula does not find correspondig records in airtable. Special Characters like !$%’*-/=? within the E-Mail address are found.
Can someone give me a workaround or solution.
Thank you for your help

I believe this behaviour is expected if – and only if – you fail to URL-encode the query. Try testing just one by changing the plus sign (+) to %2B. i.e., …


Just hard code a test to see if URL encoding is the remedy. If it is - this example might help you achieve a seamless solution.

Hi Bill, thank you for the fast response. May i ask for your support again.

i tried

it does not help. Is this what i should have done?

Thank you


Can you tell me what context you are running this filter process in? Is it a script block?

Hi Bill,

i am using the https command within voiceflow api using get command.

I used this https command in the Request URL. (Special Characters don’t work]

Now i have tried:

I don’t know the difference. But the second worked.

Thank you very much for your good support


Glad you have it working!

I suspect the second approach is automatically URL-encoding the request. But I’m still a little foggy concerning the second approach. Other people with similar issues would love it if you shared a few more details that led to your resolution.

I’ll echo @Bill.French’s request for further details. Your second option didn’t appear in your message for some reason, as you can see from the quote above.


I have a Voiceflow Skill using Airtable Database containing records with Name, E-Mail, etc. Records are found via search by E-Mail Address given from Amazon Alexa Account.

While testing i discovered that records with e-mail-Address including signs of #, &, + are not found although corresponding records exist in the Airtable Database. Also i got no Error Message.

Example 1 not working correctly:

Within the voiceflow api i used the following Request URL:"{user_email}")


This Command went ok for all E-Mail Adresses except containing signs of #, &, +.

Example 2 Working correctly.

After some try and error i found a solution working with all my testet E-Mail Addresses.

Within the voiceflow API Get Command i used the following Request URL and Parameter Assignments.


I don’t know the Differenz between A und B. Maybe somone from the Airtable forum knows the answer.

Thank you for your good support

For a formula to go directly into a URL, it would need to be properly encoded:

Your initial URL didn’t encode the non-alphanumeric symbols in the formula, so it didn’t work. By entering the formula as a parameter, the application applied the correct encoding for you behind the scenes.

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